Whether you're a shred master or a school desk drummer, Gowanus Music Club has got you covered.  The 12 Week Jam is for all skill levels and interests, and offers you the chance to learn from the coolest teachers in NYC in professional studios.  Come aboard with a group of musical pals, or we can help you find a band in need of your rock-ness.  

The 12 Week Jam is a great way to take your playing to the next level and allow you to try other instruments as well.  Plus, it follows the school calendar with a fall session from September to December and a spring session from February to June, making it easy to make time to ROCK. Check out our latest GMC documentary here:

Thanks very much for a fun week of camp, and a great show today! Our son, Jonathan, really enjoyed working with his fellow band mates, and coach, John. He had the amazing opportunity to learn more music, make new friends, and perform at a cool venue right in our neighborhood.

Julia  (GMC parent)

 Gowanus Music Club Summer Camp II 2019!